Thursday, October 1, 2009

Late Post/Update

Long overdue update in the Burdette houseold. Nikolas got to come home from the hospital on June 2nd, 2009. It was the best feeling in the world. He was brought home on a sleeping and eating schedule that helped out alot with the transition from 1 kid to 2. He quickly changed his schedule and began eating on demand which was more often, but thankfully was not like that through the night. I got to be off all summer with him and Tara and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! He did have a gradeII intraventricular hemorrhage in his head while in the NICU that we have had to have several follow-up ultrasounds for and will for quite sometime to see that it does not get any bigger. It should resolve itself, but is a stressor for me. Other than that he has been doing well. He is so big. At his 4 month checkup at the beginning of September he weighed 13lbs and was 24 1/2 inches long. I know he is even bigger than that now. It is hard for me to keep in mind sometimes that he was 2 months early and that I need to adjust his age for this, but because he is so big I assume he should be doing the things a 5 month old should. He laughs all the time and has recently found his voice and just talks away. He has no desire to roll over or sit up though. He holds himself up very well, he is just not interested in the two. He has always been a stomach sleeper so why would he want to roll onto his back anyways. The doctor is not concerned with him developmentally so I guess I am not either.

We did take Nikolas to see his brother for the first time during the summer. I also took Tara and Nik to the aquarium in Baltimore one afternoon. The family has been to Philadelphia a couple times to visit my family and Nikolas even went to his first major league baseball game. The phillies even won that day. We went to Myrtle Beach in August.

I had to come back to work at the end of August. We started interviewing daycare providers and then Joe's aunt volunteered at the last minute, which is awesome. It was very hard to have to leave him with somebody we didnt know. Tara started Kindergarten in August and likes it alot. We continue to be very busy and it are adjusting to life with two kids.

In January it will be two years since we found out about Andrew's CDH. Since then it is amazing how many people you meet with this defect. My brother is taking a biology class at the community college. He has to give a report on a disease and why he picked it. I am so happy that he picked CDH. He will also be able to spread some word and make people aware of this defect that I am sure nobody in his class has even heard of, not even his teacher.

Please remember all the CDH babies out their fighting everyday! Even though I don't post often I do keep up with the updates of the others listed on my blog!

In closing here are some new pictures. Enjoy!

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