Tuesday, March 30, 2010

really long and overdue update

Well the holidays have come and gone once again and I am just now getting around to posting on the blog. Actually diagnosis day and delivery and everything that came with it has come and gone, two years ago. The holidays were good. The kids were spoiled as usual. Nik's first christmas was cute although he was not into much it that much. He did rip the paper now and then off his presents though. Tara doesnt really get excited. She takes her time and once done unwrapping poses for a picture and then puts whatever it was back properly before moving on to another gift. She is not a messy person! We celebrated Tara's 6th birthday (can't belive it has been 6years where does the time go?) by going to disney world. We were there over Andrew's second birthday as well. The trip was from February 22-26th. We bought a balloon and left it go down there on Andrew's birthday and joes dad took out his balloon we purchsed before we left to him. Tomorrow (March 31st) is CDH awareness day. Please wear turquoise in memory of Andrew and also for all the other children that are affected by this nasty defect, whether earthly or heavenly!

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