Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So it seems like forever since I have updated, which I know it has been, but really dont have anything to update about except the fact that Andrews stone has finally come in. It is very beautiful and I am very happy with how it turned out :). I dont have pictures but will take some soon and post.

I also have changed jobs and it is the best decision of I have made. I used to work for the federal governement and left that job after being there for almost 8 years. Some people might say I am crazy leaving a government job, but after I have left I am not seeing the benefits of working for the government. Ironically enough, my new boss is Vicki Jensen who is Jack's mom. Many people know Jack Jensen and his miracle story. If Andrew wasnt diagnosed with CDH, I would not have met Vicki and probably would not have gotten this oppurtunity to work where I am today!

We have been very blessed this year and am looking forward to the many more memories my kids give me in the years to come!

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